Driven by data and analytics to create the most innovative decisions for your business.

We are a team of digital marketing experts, built on the core value of providing stellar service from beginning to end.

Generic Marketing is a digital marketing agency based out of Seattle, WA. 

We specialize in SEO and the things around it that make it great, like content, websites, and data.

Whether that is how to cook something, finding places to go, or learning something new, users turn to the internet for most of their answers these days.  Generic Marketing is here to bolster your online search presence so your users can find their answers through you.


Jon Eric Dela Cruz portrait

Jon Eric Dela Cruz


Jon Eric is a digital marketing professional with 7+ years of experience, managing the SEO strategy and consulting for various national brands and a handful of regional brands.

From technical SEO to content marketing, he seeks to improve the online presence for companies in multiple ways.

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