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SEO Site Breakdown: Joshua Weissman

If you’ve been on YouTube looking for a video on how to make crispy fried chicken or a fast food favorite recipe, you’ve most likely


SEO Testing: Title Tags

When you finally hit the first page of Google, you’ve made it right? A future of incoming traffic where all you have to do is

Technical SEO

Pagination and SEO

Pagination is something that seems simple off the bat, but the deeper you look, there are issues that can impact your SEO. Almost every website

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Link Velocity

When it comes to ranking on Google, there are a multitude of factors that impact ranking. Some more important than others. One of those core

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Optimizing URL Slugs

Maybe you’ve heard of a URL slug when discussing optimizing URLs. But what exactly is a URL slug? What part of the URL is that

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Redirect Maps for Site Migrations

Redirect maps are a must when tackling a site migration. If you don’t migrate your site properly by forgetting to implement redirects, there are potentially

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Real Estate SEO – The Ultimate Guide

Succeeding in the real estate industry can be challenging without a proper online presence. Learn about the benefits of real estate SEO and what you

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